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11/14/17 03:43 PM (5 days ago)

updating app, simulator times out at black screen with white apple logo

So I’m updating my app to run on iOS 11 like so many other Buzztouch dwellers out there. I was a little surprised that I was able to successfully build the updated app on the simulator with only one minor error, even though I’m using one of the plugins that I thought was no longer supported by BT.

Here’s the problem that I’m aware of…when I launch the app on the simulator, the simulator becomes stuck at the black screen with the white apple logo and eventually times out waiting to load.

Anyone come across this problem before?
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11/16/17 09:34 PM (3 days ago)
If you're talking black screen with Apple Logo, that sounds like the simulator itself, not any app that you've built.

Have you updated your system/xcode recently? You may also need to update the Simulators.


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