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Tamuning, GU
08/01/18 08:57 PM (2 weeks ago)

Android Minimum SDK level 26 on November 1st.

Just an email I just got. You probably did too:

Hello Google Play Developer,

This is a reminder that starting November 1, 2018, updates to apps and games on Google Play will be required to target Android Oreo (API level 26) or higher. After this date, the Play Console will prevent you from submitting new APKs with a targetSdkVersion less than 26.

Configuring your app to target a recent API level ensures that users benefit from significant security and performance improvements, while still allowing your app to run on older Android versions (down to the minSdkVersion).

Action required

Please ensure that your apps are configured to target at least Android 8.0 (API level 26) by November 1, 2018. For technical advice on how to change your app's target API level to meet these requirements, refer to the migration guide.

Affected apps

The apps included below have one or more APKs—in production or testing tracks—that aren't currently targeting API level 26 or higher. Apps are listed with the maximum version code and corresponding targetSdkVersion. If you have more than 20 apps that could be affected in your account, please check the Play Console for a full list.


And then it lists all my apps, because NOTHING is at API 26, lol!

If anyone has already updated their core code, I'd love a share. Otherwise, when I get to it, I'll share any updates I've been able to fix and test.


-- Smug
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08/06/18 08:23 AM (2 weeks ago)
Oh, my. I am still using older code than Buzztouch 4, because I have some enhancements in it that I like. I just made an app that was published this weekend, after not filing an app for a couple of years.
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08/12/18 10:21 AM (1 week ago)
thanks!!! i need to get moving and updating.

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