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04/15/17 08:53 AM (1 year ago)

Problem updating App

I have updated an old app and am having problems

The main issue is that I can download the app from the app store refresh to latest version and everything works fine.

If I compile in Xcode and export to device for testing pdf's won't show and my video won't play

Pdf's are linked by url method

The BT_config I have cut and pasted in to ensure Xcode has the latest version

I have just updated another app without any issues at all

I have build for the app store but not sure it's going to work

Am I missing something?

First problem is Custom URL - get the following error message:
iOS Error Code: -1022 iOS
Error Message: The resource could not be loaded because the App Transport Security policy requires the use of a secure connection.

The second problem is with PDF Doc plug in
I get the error message :
There was a problem saving some data to the devices cache?
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04/15/17 04:01 PM (1 year ago)
Problem #1:

Problem #2:

This may or may not be a bit more involved. Does the document 'display'. That "there was a problem..." message comes from the 'finished downloading' method, when the code was supposed to write the data to cache.

If it displays, then the data may not be writing to cache. If it does not display, it may not be downloading the code.

I can't be sure; I bypass the download methods in lieu of my own solution these days, so I don't use the BT methods much.

Let me know more about your second problem, and we'll get it worked out somehow.


-- Smug

PS, I am going out of town tomorrow for two weeks of isolated existence; I may not have reliable internet access during this time. My offer to help stands, but it is accompanied by a request for a lot of patience.
Chris from Staffor...
Aspiring developer
Posts: 335
Reg: Oct 14, 2013
04/16/17 02:04 AM (1 year ago)
I've downloaded a new build and started from scratch - that's what my other post about the blank screen was regarding.

I'm not good with coding but haven't had many problems before the new buzztouch version

I think I may have missed something when I set up the app in Xcode

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