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Warren Evans
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07/28/13 03:06 PM (9 years ago)

Video Q & A: Caching and Data Update

Here's a video from David Book explaining caching within you app and how data is updated. About 45 minutes; thanks to Niraj Shah for the questions! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCGiuXHWmdg
Niraj Shah
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07/28/13 06:20 PM (9 years ago)
Thank you Warren and David for kicking around the topic of caching! The dataURL approach gave me a possible option to get around the wipe-all-in-cache situation. It might be a way to segment the things that remain mostly unchanged and the things that will indeed change over time. Thanks! -- Niraj
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07/29/13 08:41 AM (9 years ago)
Thank you Warren Evans! LA

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