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08/03/13 10:56 AM (9 years ago)

Autro Refresh not working

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spiderapp Download my app and look what I mean. It says to update: Yes or No. Most of these are clicking no. Then they get this old version when I first begun. I don't mind the update but I don't like it grabbing the old version. I can change it so when they hit "No" at least it's one of the newest ones. Ive tried the live mode and publish. I tried the config thing. I tried auto refresh. But still nothing. I tried renaming my file in the backend. I tried updating it manually. Someone please. I'm getting bad feedback.
Mr stuck
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08/03/13 12:55 PM (9 years ago)
if you have only updated it via buzztouch but are not happy with the apk version you uploaded to play then then you may want to download the source code again and recompile it into a new apk, then submit the new update to play as a new apk so any new users get the new apk download and old users will be informed to update via Play.
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08/03/13 05:01 PM (9 years ago)
Yep....what Mr Stuck said. When they say No, they're not getting the "old" version...they're getting the version that is defined by the configuration file you compiled the app with. If you want to give them the most up-to-date version, then submit a new apk with the configuration file that contains the version you want. Simple as that! Also...make sure your app is shipping with the Live version of the config file. It's an easy mistake to make. Mark

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