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05/09/16 11:18 PM (8 years ago)

Selective screen access with Parental Control...

I know in iOS you can set the device to allow or deny apps using parental controls for different age groups and content levels. I suppose you can do the same thing in Android. Would anyone happen to know how to access (read only is fine) these settings in code? iOS and/or Android? I'd like to create a directory of businesses for an app. Some of those businesses will be nightclubs and bars, others might be Chuck-E-Cheese and Theaters. It'd be kind of nice to be able to 'block' certain categories if the device is setup for someone under 18, etcetera without having to rate the app for adult content... Has anyone seen or heard of this kind of ability? Any ideas or directions? I can find 'all or nothing' solutions, but not segregated solutions. Cheers! -- Smug
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05/09/16 11:38 PM (8 years ago)
Hi Smug. A workaround: For Android I use sharedpreferences to lock/unlock content. So, for instance, you could have 2 buttons: I am over 18 (this sets sharedpreferences boolean to true) I am not over 18 (this sets sharedpreferences boolean to false) Content displayed depends on that boolean value. This of course depends on your user being truthful. But you are correct, there must be some way of retrieving if the parental 'lock' has been set on the device.

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