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08/03/15 07:52 AM (8 years ago)

Menu tabs load slowly

I have my app ready to submit but I'm kind of scared because one of my menu tabs loads so slowly and I fear Apple will deny it. My main menu plugin I use is "menu with buttons" but I have one of my tabs referencing the "menu with image" plugin. So I'm thinking the fact that I'm utilizing 2 menu plugins might be why it's loading slowly? I'm using the 2nd menu plugin only because the "sub menu" plugin disappeared off the plugin list. Any ideas ?
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08/03/15 09:57 AM (8 years ago)
I don't know what the "sub menu" plugin is, but menus loading off other menus should be fine, that is bread and butter for buzztouch. Not much to go on here. Could it be you are loading images for the menu items which are linked as URL's and the problem is internet related? Or you are using big images? Alan
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08/03/15 01:08 PM (8 years ago)
Yeah, I'm also not sure what sub menu plugin you are referring to, however I had this happen to me as well using Menu With Image... On the simulator ONLY. On a device, it works fine. One day out of the blue though my simulator started showing my menu transitions extremely slow, like 3-4 seconds in between screens. I even deleted my derived data, reset content & settings, clean, rebuild, etc... It's only on my menu with image screens. Nothing solved it. But on an actual device, everything works as it should.
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08/04/15 07:57 AM (8 years ago)
Use QuickTime to record a short movie of the problem. Post it where we can watch it.
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08/14/15 10:13 PM (8 years ago)
I use the Menu with Image all the time and haven't seen that. A video would help. I'd start by reducing the file size of your images on

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