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10/03/13 10:09 PM (9 years ago)

App Crashes

If someone could help me that would be fantastic. My app is crashing on the simulator when using the Favourites Plugin. I've used this plugin multiple times so I'm thinking it's not the plugin? This is what pops up in Xcode after the crash: int retVal= UIApplicationMain(argc,argv,@"UIApplication",@"juicerecipes_appDelegate"); Thread 1: signal SIGABRT The things I have done to remedy this: - Restart Xcode and computer - Deleted all plugins that are not being used - Compiled a fresh project Besides that, I have no clue!
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11/09/13 11:33 PM (9 years ago)
Did you end up fixing this issue? You may need to contact @Kittsy. David https://buzztouchmods.com/market

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