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07/30/20 03:43 PM (3 years ago)

More plugin update requests

I finally have time to update one of my app using the new beta project. Seems to work well as long as I remove most of my 3rd party plugins or else it crashes due to errors. Is it possible to get the following plugins (that I purchased through BT) updated as well? - Notepad_feature (not UIWebView issue) - AK_addTofavorites (not UIWebView issue) - cr_advanced_search I also have 4 custom plugins (all medical calculators based on xib file) that cause errors probably because the code is just so out of date. Anyone in the BT community willing to help me update these (paid, of course)? PM me if interested. THANKS Cakebit for getting Buzztouch back on track! Josh (mutzy)

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