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Mike the App Guy
Lost but trying
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09/25/14 05:41 AM (6 years ago)

Why no buzztouch newsletter email?

I thought of this after seeing that I missed another buzztouch member meeting. Is there any way there could be a monthly buzztouch newsletter sent out to members?

I don't know if we would need to opt in to an email list, or if having our emails on file is enough, but it would be great to get a monthly newsletter that has announcements like when the online member meetings and in person summits are, featured developers and apps, news and new things on the horizon, and anything else.

I don't have all that information, but I would be glad to help get something like this going.
Niraj Shah
buzztouch Evangelist
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09/25/14 09:32 AM (6 years ago)
Initially, connect with Susan Metoxen to get on the Developer mailing list.

Then you will receive email notices of items such as yesterday's Dev meeting.



Perhaps the current BT Blog can be used in a complementary way as you've described.

Also, the Webinars & Events link in your Account's sidebar menu has that information:


How is that?

-- Niraj

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