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Aspiring developer
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09/01/14 03:28 AM (6 years ago)

A major won't happen list in How To's

Would it be possible to keep an up to date list in the How To's of things that are not possible? I have been using BT for quite a while now and I still come across things that take me a day or even weeks to find out are not possible.

The latest one today was Location Maps won't work on an emulator. I spent hours wondering if I got the keystore stuff correct as the map just would not work only to find out the problem may be the emulator.

There was also a point a few months back when I put a slash opening in an android app only to get someone point out a day or so later that it was 'unlikely' to work and therefore stall the entire app.

Also using Upper and Lowercase lettering in files, using odd key strokes such as hypen, and so on, when saving files to use in both Android and IOS.

It would be a great place that we could all send newbies, and go ourselves, when things are not going well.
Smugger than thou...
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Tamuning, GU
09/01/14 08:45 AM (6 years ago)
Funny you should mention that. For the last couple of weeks or so, the development group (all the plugin developers) have focused our weekly meetings on what is still pertinent, and what is not still pertinent, in the 'How To' section of the site.

A lot of 'no longer applicable' documents will be removed, and a lot of updates requested from existing authors.

I'm not sure if that is for 'this' site, or if it is to be implemented in the 'new' BT, but I do know it's being vetted and the changes will be seen sometime in the reasonably near future.


-- Smug
Susan Metoxen
buzztouch Evangelist
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09/01/14 10:39 PM (6 years ago)
Maybe something short and sweet, like a one-page fact sheet. A good one to add is to put your most current JSON in the config.txt before filing with a store.
Lost but trying
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09/02/14 05:21 AM (6 years ago)
Richard I hear what you are saying and understand the frustration but I'd imagine it's very hard for BT to keep on top of everything that does / doesn't work.

My no.1 tip for those embarking on a new task/idea for their app is to do some research first. Use stackoverflow or the BT forums (previously answered questions) to guide you. e.g.

I typed in "maps" in the advanced search option of the BT forum. Most appropriate title was "Maps coming up blank". I opened it and Smug has written "Maps for the new Google API don't seem to work in a simulator, so be sure to test on an actual device."

2 minutes of research could save hours.

If you want to alter your app code in any way (that's the fun bit) then you've got to be prepared to run into a little bit of pain. I've used the web (mainly StackOverflow), the BT forum, BT tutorials and library books to help me gain a better understanding of java and Eclipse. Plus reading through the code of plugins by David Book and other BT pros is a real eye-opener.

The learning curve for coding is very steep, particularly in the first year, and I bet there are many who have quit when a barrier has been reached. I know because I nearly quit a few times, so I asked for help on the forum and people like Smug helped massively. You are effectively learning a new language and you wouldn't expect to learn Japanese in a day or even a month.

My tips - if you have a task/idea then spend time researching it first, be prepared to ask for help, and persevere.

oh ... and most things are possible, it is us that provide the limitations.

p.s. simple Splash Screens working fine for me
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09/02/14 08:52 PM (6 years ago)
One idea, that I've found that could be even faster than scanning a list of what does & doesn't work, is to do an advanced search. I'm always amazed at how many times someone else has run into the same roadblock.
I've also had luck doing a Google search of the problem and add "Buzztouch" to it.

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