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04/18/14 07:46 PM (6 years ago)

Casino game rejection from AppStore

I submitted a casino card game to the appstore and the first version got approved but the second update I submitted was rejected for this reason:

We found your app inappropriately unlocks or enables additional functionality with mechanisms other than the App Store, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.
Specifically, the AR function unlocks bonuses that can also be purchased through the In App Purchases. It may be appropriate to revise your app to use the In App Purchase API to provide content purchasing functionality.

The game has virtual currency (chips). It's a free game and comes with x amount of free chips. The user has the ability to win more chips by
a) betting well and winning lots
b) Purchasing more chips from the in-app purchase screen
c) Using the Tapjoy network to get free chips by doing one of their promotions
d) Inviting friends through Facebook or signing up to Google Play Games
e) Playing the game in augmented reality mode and winning a round

I was rejected specifically for e). It's just a small bonus they get if they win in AR. It was merely an incentive to get them to play with AR instead of the normal non-AR mode.

I've written a reply as an appeal in the Resolution Center but I'm not sure I'll have any luck.

I assumed the AR bonus would be fine because a lot of similar games have both IAP purchasing for chips, daily bonuses just for opening the apps, Tapjoy-like free chip promotions etc.

If anybody as any advice I'd be grateful to hear from you.
Angry Ninja
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04/19/14 10:09 AM (6 years ago)
Hi Simonn,

I have a card game as well. It's a gray area with apple. There's a few tricks. Send me a pm or email at davehelmig@gmail.com

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