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Kdan Mobile
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12/23/14 04:02 AM (9 years ago)

Beta testers wanted for animation app

We are looking for testers who can help us improve the beta version of the new Animation Desk. Tester can get a first-hand trial of the new app, and will also get a free 3-month subscription to Animation Desk 4 Kdan Deluxe Pack. How it works We run the tests on TestFlight- The official testing platform by Apple Inc.. To get started, 1. Tell us your Apple ID (which is an email address at the same time). 2. An official invitation will be sent to your Apple ID through Apple server. 3. Get the Beta version with the download link in the invitation. 4. After the testing, you may be requested to fill in suggestions and comments about the app. 5. iOS version required: iOS7 or later. Device supported: this is an universal app. Learn more about TestFlight: https://developer.apple.com/app-store/testflight/ Please reply this message with your contact email, or drop us a message at: [email protected] if you like to join the program. Best Regards, Kdan Mobile
Calypso Kid
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12/23/14 05:34 AM (9 years ago)
More Spam? Really? Kdan, sign up for a membership, use the Buzztouch platform and I'll be first in line to test your products. Dave
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12/23/14 07:50 AM (9 years ago)
He'd need to run them through Tony first... but he'd know that if he did any reading on the 'contact' page. Cheers! -- Smug

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