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Kdan Mobile
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12/23/14 03:51 AM (9 years ago)

Beta testers wanted for an iOS note-taking app

Greetings from Kdan Mobile! We are excited to announce the release of a brand new version of NoteLedge in January, 2015. It will be a new app with more powerful features and enhanced performance. We would like to invite you to be the one of our first pioneers to experience the new NoteLedge before its official launch. What the new NoteLedge Ultimate offers: - It’s now universal! Download once and use it on both iPhone and iPad - A sleek, clean look - Calendar integration with local or Google Calendar - Upgraded performance, web clipper, brush tools, file managers and so much more! What you get: - Pioneering experience with the new app - A FREE 6-month subscription to NoteLedge Deluxe Creative Pack (including cloud storage & creative tools) - The opportunity to give us first-hand feedback. Your opinions are very important to us. How to join beta-testing - Sign up at http://goo.gl/8zmcb7. Our team will get in touch with you with more information. - Device requirement: iPhone or iPad with iOS 7 or later. We look forward to hearing back from you! Kdan Mobile http://www.kdanmobile.com/
Calypso Kid
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12/23/14 05:33 AM (9 years ago)
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12/23/14 07:48 AM (9 years ago)
Spam. Cheers! -- Smug

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