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02/25/14 07:42 AM (8 years ago)

HTML and E-mail results

I need some advice/ help. I am creating a demo app to show different cafes in our town. I have created an HTML screen with selectable options such as what size coffe, hot, cold, etc... I added an "add to cart" button and would like all the info they selected to be compiled on a single screen that will then be e-mail to the cafe once they click the submit order button. They will then pay for their items once they pick them up at the cafe. IS this doable and if so can someone point me in the right direction?
Niraj Shah
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02/26/14 08:38 AM (8 years ago)
You will need to save the selections into HTML5s LocalStorage and then retrieve that data to send via email. If it was in native iOS or in native Android, then you would use other techniques to save-send the data. Since it is HTML already, why not host the HTML Order Form on a web server? Then the Server can do the collection of data, formatting and sending via email?

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