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09/22/14 05:44 AM (9 years ago)

The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions

Hi, Came across these 2 infographics that might help some of the iOS developers get a better understanding of the new iPhone 6 resolutions. http://www.paintcodeapp.com/news/ultimate-guide-to-iphone-resolutions http://www.paintcodeapp.com/news/iphone-6-screens-demystified Enjoy!
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09/22/14 06:16 AM (9 years ago)
Thanks - bookmarked! FYI, for anyone concerned, I tested out my Ultimate Screen Creator on the larger screen sizes and Apple's new scaling process works flawlessly. So, even if you position things down to the pixel, Apple automatically scales it to the larger screen size for iPhone 6 and 6+. Very cool!

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