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02/15/14 05:32 PM (7 years ago)

Scotland meetup?

Hi guys,

Haven't had much interest. But is anyone free in Edinburgh next week. I have the location sorted out.

Meetups are often a great way to interact with other users. It's a great way to extend the forums into reality, and have great discussions help and advice on your app. I just love talking to people, let alone seeing their cunning creations! Everyone is welcome to turn up, and it's all free!

So I'll be around next week between:
Tuesday 18th - Saturday 22nd Feb

If anyone wants to meetup with this nerdy guy (me) and others from the Buzztouch community, then please do reply below or email me or both!

Also, another one to look out for is a meetup in Birmingham soon. And of course, there is the regular Oxford meetups every month.

Thomas Boyd

Buzztouch Oxford (and Edinburgh and Birmingham)

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