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10/15/21 03:58 PM (3 months ago)

Buzztouch 5.0 for Android - Pre-Release [Beta]

Hi all! I have a very exciting announcement! Today a beta of the updated Buzztouch 5.0 core for Android is rolling out on This update is a major leap forward, bringing several core components of the Android Buzztouch core to be refactored in Kotlin – including a major overhaul to config management and data storage. To grab the latest beta, head to your app’s "Download iOS or Android Project” webpage, and select the “[Android Beta] Buzztouch Core v5.0.0” option from the new “Build Version” drop down. (Note: apps will continue to build with the previous stable version 4.0.3 if you do not select the beta option). When you download a project the .zip archive name will look something like: [appName] Note: This pre-release is for Android only, iOS projects will still compile with the latest Buzztouch release regardless of the selection. (There’s iOS updates also in the works– stay tuned!) This post will be updated as further beta releases (and anticipated fixes!) roll out. If you encounter any issues or bugs leave a comment in this thread (or open a new topic if you feel it's needed)! Huge thanks to Chris1 for being the developing force behind this update. Chris is a longtime Buzztouch community member and expert developer– I'm always really happy working with Chris. If anyone needs custom work done on their app, plugin, etc his contact is available through his profile: ( --------------------------------------- ### Known Issues ### The beta will include some outdated documentation referencing Buzztouch 4.0. The final build will be updated to reflect the changes made during this beta phase. There are some references to Eclipse (the IDE previously used for Android development) on It's recommended you use the latest version of the newer Android Studio If you find an old reference, feel free to drop a comment below– we're working to catch them all. :) ### Plugin Updates ### Several core plugins have been updated to support the new 5.0 core. We'd love to hear what other plugins you might want supported in the future.

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