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David @ buzztouch
buzztouch Evangelist
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Monterey, CA
06/16/17 09:17 PM (2 months ago)

Buzztouch 4.0.3, iOS 11 coming soon...

Quick note to let the gang know BT Core 4.0.3 is released (iOS and Android).

We've started two threads to discuss this, bugs, etc. Links on the top of the forum page as usual.

I'm super excited about iOS 11 and wished it were out publicly already. Been experimenting some, ARKit is super neat, can't wait to make a plugin to take advantage of some of the neat things it will do.

This 4.0.3 is meant for Xcode 8.3.3, the latest release. It will build without any errors on the previous release too. I would NOT try to compile it with the beta-only Xcode 9.0 release. We'll update the core as needed when Xcode 9 is released publicly.
Niraj Shah
buzztouch Evangelist
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Reg: Jul 11, 2012
06/17/17 08:18 AM (2 months ago)
Exciting times ahead!

Perhaps David you can stir the pot by posing some possibilities on what an AR plugin and a Machine Learning plugin can do?

For those two scenarios, it's perfectly okay to have an iOS only solution.

-- Niraj
Aspiring developer
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06/18/17 11:19 AM (2 months ago)
Super cool. Can't wait to get back on track,

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