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05/24/14 01:09 PM (6 years ago)

Android App Crash - If Installed with Google Play

I am having trouble with a new Android app working through the Google Play store.

I am left thinking something about Google Play must be preventing the app to work correctly. I am completely stuck and need help.

I have built too apps that are almost identical, except one is free and has a 10 minute musical soundtrack inside, and one is paid with a 60 minute musical soundtrack inside. Other than that they are the same in looks, navigation, and functionality.

I created both using the buzz touch panel and then finished it using eclipse following all the instructions.

Both app work perfectly in eclipse, in the emulator and in a couple android devices that I test with. There are no errors or warnings in eclipse and both apps run smoothly.

Here is where it gets weird...

I added both versions to Google Play which went smoothly. I figured everything was good since all my test were good. A lot of people downloaded the free and had some positive feedback. Then someone bought the paid app, and emailed me saying that the app crashes as soon he tries to open it. So using someone else's account I paid for the app and installed it. Sure enough the app crashes as soon as I click the launch icon.

So I tested the app again, re-uploaded a fully functional apk file and the same problem happened again.

I am new to app building so this was confusing. So I took the apk file and copied it over to my android device and installed it on the device instead of using eclipse or Google Play. Doing so the app also works perfectly.

So I am left thinking something about Google Play must be preventing the app to work correctly. I re-downloaded the Buzz Touch project and started over. All I do is move my images, mp3 file, change debugging to false, change version number in manifest file, sign it with the keystone created by eclipse, and viola that's it. I am not messing with the code beyond that.

So what could it be, I am completely stuck. I searched Google and this message board and cannot work it out.

I am attaching the stack trace, and other setting screen shots.
Here is some info but the rest is in the screenshots

Crash Details

Exception Class Name

Source File

Source Class

Source Method findClass
Line Number 53

Stack Trace Log

Eclipse showing file and manifest file

sdk version screen

Build Path Settings showing Order adn Export Screen

Can someone help me out.

Thanks in advance.
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05/24/14 03:40 PM (6 years ago)
Between you and me, it's probably not Google Play.

I don't know 'what' it is, but I'm willing to say it's probably not Google.

So what is it? Not sure... From the images you've got, I don't see any glaring red, so I assume it builds and compiles ok...

Do 'both' the free and paid versions 'launch' ok? Do they get to the menu/home screen?

What does the 'logcat' say... gather the logcat output about 20-30 lines before it explodes into red, and about 20-30 lines 'into' the red. Somewhere in that area will let you know what is killing your app... and we'll need to go from there.

I'm currently trying to cure a similar problem (turns out my Double is being funky when empty) and my app compiles just great, but at a particular tap, it just dies. your issue is like my issue; somewhere in code.


-- Smug
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05/24/14 05:33 PM (6 years ago)
Hi Smug

Thanks for the response. The problem is that the app works just fine. Using eclipse it runs in virtual device and in my usb connected device correctly with o crashes. It builds and compiles correctly with no errors coming up.
I can install the apk signed with the keystore manually on the device using the file browser and installing manually.

But the paid 60 minute version does not install if I download it through Google Play. I have tried several things, and uploaded new binaries to Google Play and non worked. They all had the same error shown in the stack trace in my first post.

I was having trouble getting my device to be detected in adt to run my app in debug mode, so I enabled USB debugging on my device and its working again. But now my LogCat has a huge amount of information and I am not sure what part of the log to show you. Although as I said the app does not crash in any of my testing.

The crash through the app store is an instant crash just as soon as the launch icon is clicked. The app never shows even the first screen.

Should I launch the app in adt and send you the LogCat log even though it has a fast growing list of generic messages... or is there a filter that I can use that might make it better.


Good luck with your app also. Once I am further along I might be able to help. Just need a little more time. I am going to build a lot of apps.
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05/24/14 07:06 PM (6 years ago)
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05/26/14 12:50 PM (6 years ago)
I have tested quite a bit more. The same compiled android app works fine in Google play if its free. But not if its a paid app.

I created a new Google Play listing and this time used the same apk file and it downloaded and worked fine.

So I created a third Google Play listing and used the same apk file but this time charged $1 and it downloads but crashes when it run on the device. Just like my opening message.

So it appears that this problem is related to a project for sale on the Google Play store. Any ideas. I get the exact same crash as the screen shots from my opening post.

to be clear, there are no errors in eclipse or during compiling for me to share. I am not sure but perhaps there is something more I need to do if its a paid app in the Google Play store.

Can someone help?

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