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03/28/12 10:04 PM (11 years ago)

image emailer / uploader in BT-server 2

Is there a plugin or a way to configure a screen in my self-hosted server similar to the image emailer/uploader screens in 1.5? Thanks.
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04/03/12 01:29 PM (10 years ago)
curious as well- i just got my Flickr gallery working on a BT Server 2.0 APP for iOS was ready to use the steps listed here: http://www.buzztouch.com/forum/thread.php?tid=2B755A7701B8E639FD4F540&command=isSearching&currentPage=1&topicTitle=flickr&createdBy=&repliedBy=&minViews=-1&maxViews=-1&minReplies=-1&maxReplies=-1&forumCategory= but surprised to see that this plug-in was not avail for Self Hosted....

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