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Version: v1.3
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Update: We added fix to the text color and using themes. The Flashcards plugin allows you to create a fun and useful flashcard app for iOS and Android. Add or delete flash cards from the control panel, randomize order, mark cards for future re
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Pointermiku | 09/25/14 (v1.0)
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I installed it and I am not happy about images in flashcard: must be read from server only (only URL), but I think flashcard should work completely offline. And second: images are only fullscreen - looks like they work only as background, so I have t...
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Introducing the plugin for building Flashcard Application! The FlashCard plugin offers an easy way to display Flash Cards in your app. This plugin offers following options including Text for both Sides of Card, and Image for both Sides of card. You can Create a number of FlashCards you want to use in your app. and can maintain it directly from your Plugin Control Panel Very Easily.

Note: For Enabling the Landscape mode Support in iOS you will need to go in the Appdelegate class of the Project and set the BOOL values of all "canRotate" variables to "YES".

Following are the Plugin Class files for both iOS and Android.

7 Objective-C classes (a total of 14 files) and 1 SQLite (DataBase)are needed.

1) Class Files are

HO_flashcards.m and .h
CardView.m and .h
BackCardView.m and .h
FTWCache.m and .h
NSString+MD5.m and .h
UILabel_UILabelDynamicHeight.m and .h
Universal.m and .h

2) SQLite Database

HO_flashcards.m is the main UIViewController that shows Main Screen of Flash Cards. CardView.m is the Font side of the card. BackCardView.m is the back side of the card. and other classes are supporting classes for this plugin.


HO_flashcards.java and CardHolders.java are the main Class for this Plugin, and other are the Supporting classes for this plugin.

"itemId": "",
"itemType": "HO_flashcards",
"itemNickname": "FlashCards",
"navBarTitleText": "FlashCards",
"introtextpara": "Hellooo%Here are the instructions%Follow These Instructions",
"random": "yes",
"childItems":[{"itemId":"", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "side1text":"ABCD1111","img1url":"../images/wmupage5.png", "side2text":"EFGHI444", "img2url":"../images/wmupage5.png"},
{"itemId":"", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "side1text":"card 2 side 1", "img1url":"-No Image-", "side2text":"card 2 side 2", "img2url":"../images/wmupage5.png"},
{"itemId":"", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "side1text":"Cards Font 3", "img1url":"../images/bgimage.png", "side2text":"Card Back 3", "img2url":"../images/bgimage.png"}]