Anyone can learn how to make an app

We have created a series of fun lessons designed to help you begin creating mobile apps. All you need to get started is some enthusiasm, a little patience, and a genuine interest in making something great. Register or login to start learning.

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1) Buzztouch Essentials Learning path

Newcomers begin by completing the Buzztouch Essentials learning path. This is our way of making sure you know who we are, what we do (and don't do), and how we think we can help.

2) iOS or Android? Both?

Your next step is to spend some time learning the basics about the iOS or Android Software Developer Kits (SDK's). This is not nearly as difficult as most folks think.

3) Learn about plugins

Screens and menus are the building blocks to any mobile app. Learning how to organize complex ideas into easier to manage parts is essential when designing mobile apps. The good news, plugins make this easy.

4) Continue learning

Take more lessons or dive right in and start making apps, or do both, it's up to you. Naturally the more you learn the better your apps will become. Given time, you'll be making apps like the pros!

5) Earn points and stars

Taking lessons and passing quizzes earns you points and stars. You can also up your status by helping in the forums or creating new How To's.


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