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Lost but trying
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03/08/12 03:15 PM (12 years ago)

Blackberry Force Close

Hi, I have read many of you have ported your app to blackberry and I would like to, I have been denied submission because my app force closes. It is v1.4, Has anyone fixed this problem or have suggestion for me? Thanks
buzztouch Evangelist
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03/08/12 03:48 PM (12 years ago)
Hi Zoey, I wonder if you could ask them for debug data? I have a v1.4 app that I ported to BB and it was accepted (but still under review for PlayBook status), and the only things I changed were removing the map files to get rid of the Google Maps stuff. If they could provide more info, we might be able to help. Did you try running your app in the PlayBook simulator? Mark

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