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08/24/22 05:37 AM (7 months ago)


I used to use buzztouch back in 2014 to about 2016. Then I stopped developing apps. I thought the last time I came to see if buzztouch was around the project was gone, then I just found it was still around. So my question is this? Do you charge now for the self hosted server? I know previously there was an app limit i think of 5 apps, is that still the case. I'm confused about the actual pricing for the online service. Please help
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08/26/22 04:36 PM (6 months ago)
Hi There! The Buzztouch Self Hosted panel hasn't been updated in quite some time... but I have a new beta build that's been in the works with full PHP 8.0 compatibility. If you're interested feel free to message me and I'll give you access to the download. You have an API key in your Buzztouch.com account, so you can use it with a Self Hosted server... as long as you're a Buzztouch.com subscriber you should be good to go! There's no limit to the amount of apps you can make on a Self Hosted server (other than limitations imposed by your hosting service such as storage space, database size, etc). One thing to note: The Self Hosted service typically doesn't receive access to beta builds of the native source-code for your apps... so if you want to be on the cutting edge use Buzztouch.com. :) Let me know if you have other questions, Thanks!
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01/22/23 08:41 AM (1 month ago)
can you send me a link as well please dude :)
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02/16/23 02:38 PM (1 month ago)
I also use the self hosted panel. Can you send me the download link as well? Thank you

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