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04/03/15 01:58 PM (9 years ago)

Invalid Binary

We have successfully built the app using BT. It runs, from Xcode, on the phone just fine. We have triple checked the certs/profiles/appID/Xcode settings/entitlements and even had other people triple check them for us. The app archives, and validates and goes up to the iTunes Connect portal. All other aspects of the submission (images, info, etc.) show as correct and valid. HOWEVER, the app is set to "Invalid Binary" every time we submit it. NOTE: it is not invalidated when validation happens. It's after it has already been submitted and entered in the iTunes DB. Any ideas or help is welcome. At this point it seems like there might be something with the latest version of BT that is not being accepted. I did notice some important things missing in the plist lie orientation but that was not the issue. Plug ins we are using: AK_addToFavorite bt_screen_customHTML bt_screen_customURL bt_screen_menuSimple menu_with_image NOTE: I am not the one who built the BT project. I'm just the one trying to get it up on the site. Thanks in advance.
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04/03/15 02:47 PM (9 years ago)
Did you add arm64 to your architectures?
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04/03/15 07:07 PM (9 years ago)
Becky is right; 64 bit is no longer an option; it's a requirement. You might also want to check things like icons (make sure they're *all* there, if listed, even if they're not used.) If the app 'thinks' it is using other resources (such as iCloud, Game Center, etc...) make sure they're either configured, or removed. launch screens need to be present, and the right sizes. Those are the biggies; hopefully one of them will help you out. If you still run into issues, come on back and say something. Cheers! -- Smug
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04/04/15 09:54 AM (9 years ago)

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