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02/11/22 12:28 PM (1 year ago)

Buzztouch 4.0.6 for iOS Released!

Happy Friday Everyone! A new release of the Buzztouch core for iOS has just rolled out. For this release we’re experimenting with skipping the beta phase entirely and just releasing this for all Buzztouch.com and Self Hosted panel users today. To grab the latest release, head to your app’s Download Project webpage and re-download your iOS source code. When you download a project the .zip archive name will look something like: [appName]_iOS_BTv4.0.6.zip (Note: If you're downloading a package on a Self Hosted panel, the build version in the .zip file may not reflect the newest version number from us) This post will be updated as any fixes roll out. If you encounter issues or bugs please post them to this thread. ---------------------------------------- ### Changes ### This update completes support for Xcode 13.2. iOS Projects will now include a 1024x1024 icon, additional the LaunchImage(s) have been removed from the BT_Art/Assets folder as Apple now requires apps to use an Xcode storyboard to provide the app’s launch screen. View the “RELEASE-NOTES.txt” text file inside your project download for a complete list of changes. ### Known Issues ### Dark Mode isn’t fully supported for iOS yet. While you can build in support for Dark Mode in your Xcode project, to support this on a wide level requires some larger architectural changes for both Buzztouch.com and Self Hosted servers.
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02/17/22 02:26 AM (1 year ago)
Hey, that's great news, thanks! And it comes at the right time. Seems as if I have a chance to be completely up-to-date with my 2 apps that I have to upgrade (I told about it recently...). Thanks again! Thomas
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05/31/22 06:32 AM (1 year ago)
good to see updates on both android and ios, time to lose myself in code that i dont understand lol, thankfully using buzz, you get there in the end, hi everyone :)

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