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04/30/14 01:37 PM (10 years ago)

App not refreshing when bringing it from background

I have an app that refreshes i.e. talks to the server and reads the latest JSON on the 'first' install. After the first refresh, I put the app in background i.e. go to some other application. I have made a change to the screen image in the meanwhile on my control panel. After a few minutes or even hours, I bring my app to the foreground. I don't see it refreshing and pulling the latest content. I know it used to do that. When I go an explicitly hit the refresh button on the top left, then it goes and pulls the latest content. Is there something I can do (from the server side) to force a refresh for my users?
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05/01/14 04:05 AM (10 years ago)
I have seen this also but I just close out of the App and reload it. This IOS? It seems like there was a fix with a little coding for this about a month ago. You wanting your App to prompt the user to refresh? LA

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