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David @ buzztouch
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Monterey, CA
06/16/17 11:01 AM (6 days ago)

Buzztouch 4.0.3 - iOS and Android

Use this thread to discuss issues with the Buzztouch Core for iOS and Android 4.0.3. All control panels have been updated and the download app process will now use 4.0.3.
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Sarasota, FL
06/18/17 05:00 PM (4 days ago)
I cannot download the Android package from the self-hosted panel. Please see the thread here: https://www.buzztouch.com/forum/thread.php?fid=92A5C63BFD5A3879ACEBB6C&tid=92A5C63BFD5A3879ACEBB6C
Chris from Staffor...
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06/20/17 01:18 PM (2 days ago)
The Android Package downloads don't work !

No top menu - backgrounds the wrong colour etc etc

I think for what we pay we should get something that works

I'm getting very frustrated as Buzztouch just does not seem to work anymore
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Esher, UK
06/22/17 05:45 AM (1 day ago)
I have done a little testing on Android - all of these observations are based on downloading a new build today and are all Core. I’ve tried to provide enough information for others to reproduce the problem. It would be nice for others to compare/ contrast, especially bug 4, which seems to vary across devices.

1) I downloaded a project - the first thing I noticed is when I try to load the app into Android Studio a warning thrown up by Android Studio:

Sync Android SDK's
The path /Users/christopherruddell/Library/Admdroid/sdk does not belong to a directory
Use this SDK instead [OK]

Conclusion: The Android released core needs to be updated for the release platform.

2) Android Gradle Plugin Update
Whenever I download a BT project I am invited to update the Android Gradle Plugin and Gradle version to the latest. I always update.
Conclusion: Not sure - is the core specifying older versions?

3) Another long standing problem from February is that if you are using tab layout, the tab icons, (e.g. bt_house.png) supplied in the project, are not displayed.
Conclusion: definite bug.

4) There is a long standing problem from February is that still exists, which prevents the display of the core menu with 'Close, Quit App and most importantly to me, Refresh all Data' with a non-tabbed layout. This bug has other side-effects:
a) prevents display of a BT context menu.
c) The navbar disappears.
d) One device this bug even stops my test app navigation working - if I click on a menu item I just get a black screen (Sony Xperia only).

If you do use tabs, you can always get to that menu, the app works and all is good.

A bit more information: I have three test devices - A Sony, an HTC and A Tesco Hudl.
On the Tesco Hudl, when not using tabs, the navbar is not shown and you cannot see a menu icon.
On the Sony, when not using tabs, the navbar is shown, but no menu icon. Furthermore, if I click on a menu item I just get a black screen, so the bug is affecting something else.
On the HTC, when not using tabs, the navbar is not shown. But, the HTC has a dedicated button that launches the affected menus directly, which appears as a screen pop up, so this bug is not such a problem on this device.

Conclusion: If you don't use tabs, you simply can't make a an app that can be released. I believe the majority of people do not use tab layouts, so it is a big problem. IMHO, a showstopper.

5) Backgrounds & refresh behaves oddly

If I try to use a background image, (size 320 * 568, png), I see very strange effects. For this test I am changing the background Image Scale/Position setting. Then I use refresh all data on the device. In all cases, when I use refresh, the background disappears immediately. However, if the device sleeps, when you wake it, the background is there. I've tried this on all my devices with the same results.

Conclusion - refresh doesn't refresh everything. Backgrounds need fixing.

Testing is very time consuming and I think that's enough for the time being, I need to be looking at other stuff too. I think it would be appreciated by everybody if we could see some feedback on the bugs as they are reported please.

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