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09/30/19 10:51 PM (4 years ago)

FIX: Android Login Plugin missing

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01/07/20 11:19 AM (4 years ago)
Thanks Chris! I just downloaded an Android build and can reproduce the same behavior. Here's the source package for the Android Login Plugin if anyone would like to download it and include it in their Android Project: https://buzztouch.com/resources/source-android-4.0.zip Does it seem like any other plugins are missing from the Android build? (at the bottom of this post is a complete list of David's plugins that *should* be included by default). I'll dig deeper into why this plugin isn't currently included in the bundle- I expect it will appear in the next release of the core. Thanks! –– Call Us Custom HTML / Text Custom URL Excel Doc HTML Doc Launch Native App Location Map Login Screen (missing as noted!) Menu Buttons Menu Simple PDF Doc PowerPoint Doc Send Email Send SMS (Text Message) Share via Email Share via SMS (Text Message) Splash Screen (17 plugins in total)

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