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03/05/15 10:03 AM (8 years ago)

Interactive Quiz Fix for Random Answers (IOS)

I noticed recently that I as able to predict the answers in my 10 question quiz - e.g. the answer to my first question was always the first answer position and I could predict the next nine answers as well. My questions are set to random, but if I you close my app then restart it, the questions always come up in the exact same, not really random order. To fix this, in the BT_screen_quiz.m file, search for "random()" and replace it with "arc4random()". Credit for this fix goes to MGoBlue, who noticed it in earlier versions of the quiz (2 years ago!). It would nice to see this fixed in the next update please. Cheers, Alan http://www.buzztouch.com/forum/thread.php?tid=2E7FC128544E84882D1226A&command=isSearching&currentPage=1&topicTitle=random&createdBy=&repliedBy=&minViews=-1&maxViews=-1&minReplies=-1&maxReplies=-1&forumCategory=
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03/05/15 11:10 AM (8 years ago)
Easy fix, thanks for posting it.
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03/05/15 04:43 PM (8 years ago)
Awesome. Thanks! I was just finishing up on my quiz app. I did notice something else. I know the quiz just randomly picks from the file but I seem to get a lot of repeat questions from one game to the next without closing the app. Is there any way of having questions chosen in first game not get chosen in the next game? Just curious. Thanks!

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