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Code is Art
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07/03/16 03:13 AM (7 years ago)

Whoop, whoop, another app launched.

I can beat Dusko's story of speedy app approval too. Back to the beginning. I created a simple app using: - menu with image - qr scanner - html pro I do fancy stuff with the config file so that's generated in my client's CMS but the app is essentially hosted by Buzztouch. Because I was using html pro for the web content I was able to use the same plugin for both Android and IOS which simplified things. I expected to have two versions of the app so named the one I used "iosscanner" which I'm sure would give the Android folks a giggle if they ever looked that closely. I had to make a simple change to both the qr scanner and html pro which involved rudimentary cut and paste programming skills and I've fed those changes back because I reckon they'll come up again for someone else. I submitted to Apple first because I expected them to take longer. I then promptly found I needed to make one of those changes and had to pull the submission and start over. It took less than 24 hours from submission to acceptance and the review took about an hour based on their automated emails. #stoked I then submitted the Android version and that was super quick, but I expected that. I totally love the whole bt_config concept, I was able to tweak my app without having to rebuild and when I needed to add details I could add it to the json and not hardcode into the app which means future (minor) changes are possible without resubmission.
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07/03/16 10:05 AM (7 years ago)
Congrats!!! I love plugins that work on both sides too! And the BT config was immediately my new best friend, lol! Best luck to your apps, and keep'em coming! :) Cheers! -- Smug
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07/03/16 10:32 AM (7 years ago)
Yeehaw! Mighty awesome news and a great testimonial on how things have improved for app publishing. BT Config is the best everrrrrrr :-) Congratulations! -- Niraj

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