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05/18/13 01:14 AM (11 years ago)

Simple magazine app

I am v new to app production but initially want to create a simple magazine app (most articles and all advertising will be in Thai with some pages in English) - should I create in English then use Localization or just produce as is? Also what is the best way to link (upload) from PDF's or HTML or is there a simpler way? Many thanks
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05/18/13 02:54 AM (11 years ago)
Personally, I would view the development as a journey, you may not know the exact route, but you know where you want to get to. I would try to avoid doing too many different things at the same time, so for that reason I would start the development in English, then adapt it with localisation. @Higgey developed a magazine app I believe, he might have some thoughts. Good luck, Alan
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05/18/13 10:48 AM (11 years ago)
I tested a magazine idea using the pdf plugin, and was not happy with my magazine that had about 80 pages. It had to do with navigation going from the hyperlinks in the pdf back to the magazine pages. If the pages have no hyperlinks and the user is just reading the pages, then it might be fine. I'm sending you a pm.

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