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buzztouch Evangelist
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02/27/14 10:57 AM (7 years ago)

European Online Hangout

Hi all,

After a disappointing day for me (nobody turned up at today's Oxford meet up), I've thought up a new concept.

Next week, I would like to start an online hangout for all the great Buzztouch users. It'll be open to all and it'll follow similar guidelines to the regular meetups I usually have, but online.

It'll start off with some introduction nonsense, but then we'll dive straight into the meetup. It'll be for everyone: from novice to expert. You can present your problems, help other people's problems, present something special, advertise a new app, or just hang about and chat.

The only rule is that you've got to be European. And that means living in Europe!

I would like to keep this rolling and hope to make this a regular online session every few weeks or so.

Because it's online, we can be much more flexible with timings. I would like to propose a day and time to get the ball rolling, although it is open to any changes!

I will probably be holding the first session on Google Hangouts, but if popularity increases for this, I'll have to upgrade the solution, as Google Hangouts can only hold 10 people.

This is the date I would like to propose, although changes are welcome:

Thursday 6th March 2014
GMT (UK/Portugal): 19:00
CET (Spain/France/Germany/Italy.....): 20:00
EET (Finland/Turkey/Greece......): 21:00
MSK (Moscow/Western Russia): 22:00

I know this is ambitious, but I think it'll be really good fun!

Let me know what you think?
buzztouch Evangelist
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02/27/14 11:33 AM (7 years ago)
I will be there for my little Oxford buddy.

But I don't seem to ever get any success screen sharing with google hang outs
Niraj Shah
buzztouch Evangelist
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Reg: Jul 11, 2012
02/28/14 10:05 PM (7 years ago)
No love for the Westerners, them Yanks :-)

All I ask is that Thomas whips up a EuroBuzz logo! I love his creative genius.

-- Niraj
Aspiring developer
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03/02/14 04:00 PM (6 years ago)
Next Thursday...argh!|!! Thatís party time here in Milan....Carnival!!! Iím going to be out on tiles that night. Sorry I canít make it Thomas but will look out for the next one for sure.

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