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Michael Travis
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02/12/14 03:43 AM (8 years ago)

How to allow Clients to add a weekly coupon

I am concentrating on building apps for retailers. I find they typically change their coupon every week. Is there a way to allow them to update the coupon? The coupon would typically be an image. The app would always go online to retrieve the coupon. Thanks, Michael
buzztouch Evangelist
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02/12/14 04:10 AM (8 years ago)
A couple ways to do this... The easiest way is to probably have the user put the coupon on their website (if they have one) and link to that particular web page address with a CustomURL screen. Another is to use any other type of screen that has a background image URL, and hotlink to an image that your client updates (but keeps the same file name always). And the more complicated (but more flexible) way is to set them up with their own account on your server (assuming you use self hosted) and use a dataURL to pull one screen from their control panel into your app. And of course, there's always the "I can update your coupons for $x.xx per month" approach, where you offer it as a service. Hope those help. -Chris

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