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I hate code!
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02/14/12 09:58 AM (12 years ago)

Could I create a BT app that adds info to/and pulls from a database?

I would like to create a database driven site built with Kumulos and link it to BT. The app user would be provided a series of forms to input information. Then, they will need to be able to view past entries. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to have buzztouch display the Kumulos forms to the mobile app and enable to user to access the data he has entered into the form. Not being a programmer I have no idea if this is something I can make happen w/Kumulos and BT working together. Here are some links to some of their documentation: http://community.kumulos.com/discussion/29/objective-c-integration http://community.kumulos.com/discussion/11/step-5-downloading-your-libraries#Item_1
Aspiring developer
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Bryan TX
02/14/12 03:20 PM (12 years ago)
Subscribing. Never heard up kumulos, but interesting concept that could really help evolve our apps to the next generation. Thanks for sharing.

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