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buzztouch Evangelist
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08/05/14 06:20 AM (9 years ago)

Rating of 12+ if your app contains YouTube !!

Argh, Can't believe it, Apple have rejected my app because it has YouTube on it which could allow people to access profanity etc, So they said i have to rate it 12+ if it contains youtube. "Reasons 3.8: Developers are responsible for assigning appropriate ratings to their Apps. Inappropriate ratings may be changed/deleted by Apple Thank you for your resubmission. We have begun review once more, we found that the app still contains the ability to access Youtube. Apps that access Youtube should be rated 12+ to be 3.8 compliant. Thank you for your commitment to iOS and our customers." Guess I got unlucky with my reviewer... Kristen
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08/05/14 06:39 AM (9 years ago)
@Kaybee sorry to hear that your app was rejected... never heard that reason before. So even if you have a URL link to a video on YouTube within your app, you could come up against this problem?
buzztouch Evangelist
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08/05/14 05:26 PM (9 years ago)
Weird. I never heard that, and every app I have made has links to youtube. I finally had an app rejected last night for the first time. Reason from reviewer (paraphrased): Your app is buggy. Apple doesn't allow apps with bugs. Real reason: The reviewer's test device must have had limited connectivity or a connection hiccup. The only screen that wouldn't load was a simple CustomURL (webview) leading to an Amazon link. The reviewer sent me screenshots with the progress view spinner. After I sent them an appeal saying that their very own Safari app was "buggy" because I sometimes couldn't load websites - my app was approved in minutes. :)
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08/05/14 05:35 PM (9 years ago)
My app was made 17+ by Apple because of Custom URL plugin!

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