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buzztouch Evangelist
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04/28/14 05:54 AM (6 years ago)

Europe Online - Hangout No. 3

Hi all,

I hope that people had a good time in Vegas, to those people who went.

I want to continue with the struggle to get European users to interact with each other, and for now, I've got these online hangouts running every fortnight.

The next one I plan to have will be this Thursday.

Here's the details:

Thursday 1st May 2014
19:30 BST
20:30 CET
21:30 EET

I expect it to only last an hour, and this one I hope to get a bit of a chat running, to revive the Europe Online hangouts.

To receive a link to participate, please follow our Google+ page:

If you're not from within Europe, no worries, because you can watch the hangouts live and it will be recorded after the event.

PS. Don't harass me about Oxford.
Niraj Shah
buzztouch Evangelist
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04/28/14 08:28 PM (6 years ago)
Best wishes on a good hangout !

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