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Red Dog
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04/25/15 04:49 PM (8 years ago)

QR Beautiful app on iTunes

My 2nd app has been approved by Apple. Not much BT in it. Mostly just the knowledge gained here. <a href="https://appsto.re/us/rZ-R6.i" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://appsto.re/us/rZ-R6.i</a> select your DATA type, enter the DATA you want for your QR code in the textfield and the plugin will create your unique QR code image. Using the included native iOS Share button users can easily email, text, copy, or print the code on a random beautiful background. The code can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social network. A great way to direct your friends to your website, Invite them to party, or share your contact info. Future updates will include selectable backgrounds, an included QR reader, and Japanese localization. Nice App Store reviews are always appreciated. Grab a code here: FJ73PRMYYWHA ER79WXMHL6LJ TXEJTHNK6YN6 MA4M79XPPEMK HR7N7L3YL4AY TNELHRLLLENK 4K6936JE9YTY PRLTTT69PRWL 7NJXT7JTM49T PE947NJTNFHT
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04/26/15 01:18 AM (8 years ago)
Nice one, Barry! Beware: ratio of the pictures is not kept (iPhone 6). Selectable backgrounds (incl. user's ones) will be welcome, and think about another enhancement: ability to create the code with text + link. E.g. a title ("Check this out!"), then a blank line, then a URL. And you should rework the icon too, IMO! I bet I'll be able to throw away my other QR readers when you'll update this one... :-) Cheers Jack
Niraj Shah
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04/26/15 06:10 PM (8 years ago)
Very beautiful pictures! Nice work there, love it that you're drinking your own champagne. -- Niraj
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04/29/15 11:56 AM (8 years ago)
I'll check it out. Used this code: ER79WXMHL6LJ Thanks,
Code is Art
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04/30/15 08:45 PM (8 years ago)
Nice one B, very very useful

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