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Chris from Stafford
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07/08/17 07:33 AM (7 years ago)

Duplicate Apps

I know the self hosted guys had the very useful feature of being able to duplicate apps. This would be a really useful feature to have for developers that are building for iOS & Android. Maybe one to think about - a feature that would I'm sure be very well received. Sometimes it can be good to have two versions of the same app.
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07/22/17 05:29 PM (7 years ago)
I agree Chris, and there could be other benefits such as quicker app development by copying and then modifying the new app and also minimising the BT database by not having multiple common BT-item listings. Whilst there is probably a bit more to it, having played around with the old self hosted structure, there is two relatively simple steps to implement such a feature: 1 - The ability to modify the Config Data within the Control Panel & 2 - Removing the appGuid field from the BT_items database (assuming the same structure still exists). The appGuid field essentially locks an item to a particular app so if it was removed the item could be called from any of your apps. This would be handy if say you had 25 apps that all have the same feedback or contact screen, rather than having 25 item id's listed in the database for each screen you could just use the 1 common one. Obviously changing any of the characteristics of the screen (ie background color) would filter through all apps so you would only need to create additional different screens as desired. With the ability to modify the Config Data within the control panel the process of copying an app would be relatively easy! 1 - Create a new app so that a new appGuid is created. 2 - Open the app you wish to copy. 3 - Select Config Data to view the jSon for the app. 4 - Select and Copy all the jSon from BT_themes down. 5 - Open Text editor and paste selected jSon 6 - Open new app and view Config Data 7 - Select and Copy the appID 8 - Return to Text editor and do a Find & Replace to replace any instances of the original appID with the new one. 9 - Copy this config data and paste and save it into the Config Data of the new app. 10 - Close and re-open the app and THEORETICALLY the app would now contain all the screens etc as per the original! Alternatively, yes incorporating the previously scripted php so we can just hit a button and enter a new app name and it all gets magically done would be good!

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