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09/28/15 07:03 PM (8 years ago)

Decent Mac Bundle offer...

https://creatable.co/mac/the-mac-pick-a-bundle Sadly, I have most of the apps here that I want, so I won't avail myself to the offer... But I can vouch for the following apps as being pretty useful, although most of them are not exactly 'app' or 'BT' related. 1) Scrivener - If you plan to write anything organized, this is the tool to do it with. 2) Rapid Weaver - I *just* got this with another bundle, so I haven't used it, but it looks cool. 3) iShowU Studio - I use iShowU HD Pro for my screen recordings. This is better. 4) Paw - I don't have Paw; I have something similar, but it's very useful when you're building PHP scripts to provide json data like childItems and such... 5) Totals - Looks nice, but I use QuickSale by Intellixense on my iPad. The rest of them look somewhat interesting, and I'm sure they have uses, but those above are my 'picks' for value. Cheers! -- Smug

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