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02/14/12 02:41 PM (12 years ago)

Eliminate Pinch & Resize (Custom URL)

I have created a custom mp3 player (skin) and have the exact size established for an android phone. However my problem is that when using BT Server and the custom URL plugin the app allows me to pinch and resize the web page its calling. How do I make this stay a fit size? I messed with the options with the plugins with no luck. Also I tried the custom html option and calling a url but it doesn't load at all.
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02/14/12 04:26 PM (12 years ago)
Have you tried HTML_Doc ? This would be a static HTML File (in the app assets/BT_Docs/) that can be {programmed} to more specific. Whether you can eliminate the pinch function I am not sure, but would think you should be able to via HTML coding, via setting page size or something ??? Have not tried, but you could ;-)

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