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12/20/17 07:00 PM (6 years ago)

Update on Apple Guideline for Template Apps

Hi all, We have had a few questions about the concern some have about Apple's stance on what they call template app providers. Firstly let me say that we believe like many that this was not great for small business, however, we understand that they want to maintain the level of experience and set a high standard for their products and user experience of users using iOS devices. But the knee-jerk reaction to try to blanket ban was not the way to handle it. More importantly, we believe BT enable users to create a multitude of various looking apps, sure to start off our members, like I did, make the simple menu app with the fonts and look etc. But as always we encourage everyone to make good quality apps that add value to your users. BT makes it really easy to make simple apps, but also makes it easier and quicker to make any kind of app. I know David who is the most experienced developer I know, still uses BT as the base of making his apps. Below is the article which highlights the relaxed and more realistic guidelines Apple are going to be using going forward. Bottom line is that BT users should have nothing to fear. happy coding. https://www.macrumors.com/2017/12/20/app-store-guidelines-updated-template-apps/
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12/21/17 03:03 AM (6 years ago)
thats great news i know i got an app update refused about 6 times even though i kept adding content and changing the layout around the june time, and apple sent me info about rejecting similar looking apps gave up in the end had to refund the client as i couldn't update her app and then the news about app making services, I plan on making apps for schools colleges and hospitals, which means most of them will have similar features so im glad apple has relaxed the rules, guess i can start punting now :)
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12/25/17 09:39 PM (6 years ago)
I don't see BT as a 'template'. I see it as a 'framework'. Different beasts. Thanks for the Update, Kristen! :) Cheers! -- Smug

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