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Susan Metoxen
buzztouch Evangelist
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Hopkins, Minnes...
06/04/14 08:05 AM (6 years ago)

Members Only: Buzztouch Developer Meeting Today

David Book will be meeting with the Buzztouch Developers today to talk about the recent announcements at WWDC.

The meeting is at 1:00PM Pacific time, our usual meeting time. I hope you can make it.

This is a members only event. We are limited to the first 26 that attend. When we do go over 26, it is usually for only a few minutes. So if you can't get in on first try, try again in a few minutes.

I will get the video from last week posted today.
Aspiring developer
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Jerseyville, IL
06/04/14 10:19 AM (6 years ago)
Thank you Susan!

I hate code!
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06/06/14 08:03 AM (6 years ago)
Oh man. I missed this one too. I hope you will post this one as well

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