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buzztouch Evangelist
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04/30/14 11:56 AM (6 years ago)

Calling all Europeans: Europe Online No. 3

Hi all,

This is a little reminder for the previous post, but I just want to remind you all about tomorrow's online session.

Here's the details:

Thursday 1st May 2014
19:30 BST
20:30 CET
21:30 EET

I expect it to only last an hour, and this one I hope to get a bit of a chat running, to revive the Europe Online hangouts. It's open to everyone, from people who joined yesterday, to more veteran users.

To receive a link to participate, please follow our Google+ page:

If you're not from within Europe, no worries, because you can watch the hangouts live and it will be recorded after the event.
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Austria, Klagen...
05/01/14 12:01 PM (6 years ago)
Cant find the Hangout link ?

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