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02/23/16 02:39 AM (8 years ago)

Programming modules in android application development

I am interested in doing mobile application development. I have applied for the android development course in Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology. I found the course modules in their website . They have described about the mobile application programs. But I need to know more about android development. In which areas should I focus more. Experienced android developers please share your suggestions
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02/23/16 06:23 AM (8 years ago)
If you're going to take their course, I'm sure there is a staff advisor that can answer that question. Asking 'which area should I focus on' is sort of a loaded question... kind of like asking a doctor 'what part of the body is the most important'. A case can be made for almost any answer, and there are many, many answers. If this is your first foray into programming, then my advice would be 'listen to your instructor, read the manual, do the exercises'. Don't expect to 'get it' immediately. There is no 'one' right way. Buzztouch is a great way to jumpstart your development, and it'll make iOS or Android development a little quicker, by taking care of a lot of the 'housekeeping' for you. The Buzztouch 'family' includes complete novices who have released apps without knowing a line of code, to veteran developers who enjoy the BT framework as a disciplined approach to getting work done. It's the rare case where one size really can fit all, if you look. Good luck in your studies, and let us know how it goes. Cheers! -- Smug
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02/23/16 07:15 PM (8 years ago)
big nerd ranch books are good and other online courses. everyone mostly learns by playing around with the code until they figure it out. takes countless hours of teaching yourself. learning java is a good start though. also ask alot of specific questions.

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