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buzztouch Evangelist
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03/02/14 05:32 PM (6 years ago)

Oxford Meetup now on Weekends + Europe Online

I've got some really good news.

The Oxford meetups will now take place on a regular basis on a Saturday, instead of on a Thursday. This makes it much easier for working people to attend the meetups. I hope this revives the Oxford meetup that has had a bad start to 2014.

I can't confirm which Saturday it'll be, but I will probably know this week. It'll be in a few weeks time this March.

I also want people to be more confident with showing their content. It's a good chance to show what you've got, sort out problems or just have a chat with other Buzztouch users.

And also, as a side note, the first European online hangout is this Thursday. I hope to attract people from across Europe to attend this regular meeting. It's going to be based around a real meetup, but will be entirely online. This is a good way for European users to shout out the rest of Buzztouch. Again, it's a good opportunity to showcase anything you may have, or present problems. I hope to host these hangouts on a fortnightly basis.

The first will be:

Thursday 6th March
GMT (UK/Portugal): 19:00
CET (Spain/France/Germany/Italy.....): 20:00
EET (Finland/Turkey/Greece......): 21:00
MSK (Moscow/Western Russia): 22:00

I hope to see you at one of those (or both), if you live in the UK or Europe.
Angry Ninja
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03/02/14 09:18 PM (6 years ago)
Are us American cowboys invited to sit in? Love watching anything BT related, if my schedule can accommodate it (sometimes hard with a 4 year old, lol)

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