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Android Minimum SDK level 29 (Android 10) on November 2nd.

Hi, one app that I have developed for a client was rejected due to "SQL injection" security problems... (The full story is a bit longer... the app was removed from the Playstore because my client received the following message "You have not yet completed the Target audience and content section of the Play Console for your app". After providing the Target audience information, the SQL injection problem was then the problem, the old and already uploaded apk did not pass the compliance test). I know how to handle the SQL injection problem: In the AndroidManifest.xml file you have to change the "exported" property for the provider to false: <provider android:exported="false" /> But... any update of the app needs to use and SDK level of 28 right now and level 29 on November 2nd. My initial idea was to increase the targetSdkVersion to 28 or 29... I had sucessfully done that for level 26 for my last upload of the app. This time I could run the app in the simulator, but I could not build a signed apk file because I received 14 errors and hundreds of warnings. The errors were of the form: Cannot resolve symbol "Theme" bt_activity_host.xml: Cannot resolve symbol "?actionBarSize" AndroidManifest.xml: "com.appname.bt_screens.BT_activity_start" is not assignable to "" Sure, if my client would have filled out the "Target audience and content section of the Play Console" form then the old, uploaded version the app might still work. But unfortunately, we can not go back... It seems to me as if the lifetime of my source code has come to an end. Do we need a new version of the Buzztouch Core for Android in order to upload a compliant Android app? Or is there still a workaround in the current situation? Anyone had similar problems... or even a solution? Best wishes & happy coding Thomas

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