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12/20/16 03:19 AM (3 years ago)

Plugin Administration suggestion

In a separate post I saw that Kristen removed some plugins from the market that are not supported. Kristen, I applaud your action.

Plugin authors come and go, that’s natural, but I believe the plugin market is the lifeblood of the Buzztouch community and for a long time, I have been thinking it needs a shakeup. I think some kind of plugin policy would be great and as part of that, I would like to suggest:

1) I'd like to see plugins that are no longer supported by their author flagged as abandoned in the market.

2) I'd like any broken plugins that are abandoned be moved from the active market to somewhere else, flagged *and* made free (but not completely removed).

3) Any flagged broken plugins could be adopted by somebody else. If adopted they can be kept alive and if desired, charged for by the new owner.

I also think that knowing what market plugins have issues and fixes would be useful. Just empasising the positives about a plugin is not enough if it has active problems. A while back I pulled something together as a suggestion and it is available here: http://bit.ly/1UAX1fF

Web page content is clickable and links to the plugin page and the forum page for any fixes. It's not easy to maintain this from the position of a user, but I gave it a go based on what I see in the forums.

- Help users quickly identify which plugins have known *current* issues.
- Point to fixes where available.
- Remind current plugin authors if their plugin has an issue.
- Help clarify which plugins are broken/unsupported.

I'd like to emphasis this is not an official list, just something I thought would be useful. This list is not meant to offend anyone and it is not there to point fingers at anyone.

What I'd like to urge everyone is that if you know of a plugin problem, post about it in the forum. For myself, when I buy a broken plugin I feel cheated. At he very least broken plugins can be irritating but I also believe it hurts Buzztouch as a brand. And to make Buuzztouch great, the brand is really really important.

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12/20/16 03:25 AM (3 years ago)
Hey Allan,

I like all of what you have written.

Definitely we need to shake up the plugin market. Right now it is not worth the pain for BT admins.

But we are looking at options like what you have mentioned to keep it alive and make it a benefit to our customers.

Thank you for your thoughtful post.

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12/20/16 09:31 AM (3 years ago)
Great Post AlanMac, agree with it all.
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zagorje ob savi
12/20/16 11:03 AM (3 years ago)
AlanMac's suggestions seem very reasonable.
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12/20/16 11:22 AM (3 years ago)
Totally agree with Alan.

Just one thing - point 2: "moved from the active market to somewhere else, flagged *and* made free (but not completely removed)"

Should be (IMO): "moved from the active market to somewhere else, flagged *and* made available on demand".

So Kristen could ensure that only ONE developer takes it, fixes it, sells it... with some kind of guarantee to maintain it!


I hate code!
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Montreux Switze...
12/20/16 11:24 AM (3 years ago)
(BTW: great job, Alan! Quite useful list!)
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12/22/16 08:11 AM (3 years ago)
Once Buzztouch core has updated to iOS 10.
And we can all agree on a minimum ios version, personally I would love ios9 so we could use autolayout easier.
I will update all my plugins.

I expected the core to change around April 2015.

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