Buzztouch Plugin Developer Terms of Use

Please read these terms of use carefully.

The following Terms of Use are stated in conjunction with the Buzztouch Terms of Use that all registered users of Buzztouch agree to abide by. The Buzztouch Terms of Use can be read here:


The following terms are meant for a Buzztouch account holder that is, has been, or considers creating Buzztouch Plugins. The Plugin Developer may or may not use the Buzztouch Plugin Market (the "Market") to share, sell, or distribute plugins to other app owners ("app owners").


The spirit of these terms is to make clear some rules and guidelines Plugin Developers must follow before using the Plugin Creator tool and / or sharing or selling plugins in the Plugin Market.


The Buzztouch Plugin Creator tool (found in Buzztouch account holder control panels) is a powerful and flexible tool used to make entirely new screen types suiteable for use in a mobile app created with the Buzztouch control panel. The Buzztouch Plugin Marketplace is a powerful and flexible way to distribute Buzztouch Plugins for free or for sale.

If you upload, create, or otherwise make available a Buzztouch Plugin in the Market, (a "Plugin") by means of the services provided by ("Buzztouch") via the website or any of its subdomains ("Buzztouch Services"), you (the "Plugin Developer") and the Plugin are subject to the following terms, and Buzztouch's Privacy Policy, website notices and other policies, guidelines or requirements that may be posted in other locations on the website. By creating and / or submitting a Plugin, you demonstrate your agreement to these Terms. If you are an individual acting as a representative of a corporation or other legal entity that wishes to use any Buzztouch services, you represent and agree that you accept the Terms on behalf of such entity. If you have any questions about these terms, please email:


Plugin Developers may choose to take advantage of the Plugin Market to share, sell, or distribute source code as long as the following rules and guidelines are followed.

  1. Plugin Developers must maintain their Buzztouch account in good standing. Unregistered site visitors, and registered users with a Buzztouch free account type cannot access the Plugin Creator Tool or use the Plugin Market to share or sell plugins.
  2. Plugins submitted for inclusion in the market by a Plugin Developer are not reviewed or inspected by Buzztouch. If your plugin recieves negative reviews it's your responsibility to upload a new and improved version.
  3. Plugin Developers must include the GNU, General Public License with each plugin they sell, give away, or distribute using the Plugin Market. This is the same license all Buzztouch open source code ships with. Details about the GNU, General Plugin license can be obtained at:
  4. Plugin Developers determine the price of any plugins they are offering for sale. Many plugins will be free, and many will be offered for sale. Average plugin pricing and app owner ratings and reviews establish an "expected" price for a plugin. Most plugins that are offered for sale in the Plugin Market range between $5.00 and $15.00. However, lower priced plugins, and significantly higher priced plugins are common.
  5. The Buzztouch platform handles all financial transactions occuring in the Plugin Market. Plugin Developers receive 70% commission for every sale of one of their plugins. This means that every United States Dollar of revenue generated by a plugin sale earns the plugin developer .70 (seventy United States cents).
  6. Plugin Developers are paid earned commissions monthly if and when their commissions balance exceeds $25.00 (twenty five United States Dollars). Commissions paid to Plugin Developers are distributed using PayPal. Plugin Developers must maintain a valid "PayPal Pay To" account in order to receive commissions. Commissions are paid in United States Dollars. Commissions are processed between the 15th and 20th of each calendar month. Commission calculations are calculated using purchase transaction data from the previous full calendar month. This means that if a plugin is purchased by an app owner on the 5th of July, the Plugin Developer would receive the earned commission for that sale on or about the 15th of August.
  7. Current and historical commission earnings information can be reviewed in any Plugin Developer's Buzztouch account control panel. Commission disputes are settled by referencing Buzztouch Plugin Market sales transaction data. Disagreements between Plugin Developers and Buzztouch are possible. Plugin Developers are encouraged to maintain a watchful eye on their commission earnings to avoid potential earnings disputes.
  8. Outstanding and unpaid commissions earned by a Plugin Developer that no longer maintains a Buzztouch registered user account are payable only by printed check. Printed checks are not created automatically. If you have cancelled your Buzztouch account and feel you are owed past earned commissions, request a printed check by sending a printed letter to Buzztouch, 801 Lightouse Ave Ste 207, Monterey CA 93940, USA. Include your name, details about your past earned (but unpaid) commissions within 90 days of your account cancellation. Request made after 90 days are ignored.
  9. App owners are only required to purchase any single plugin one time. Plugin Developers are not allowed to charge fees for newer versions of an existing plugin.
  10. Plugin Developers are not allowed to solicit app owners, site visitors, or plugin purchasers for additional work, fees, girts, or other compensation on Buzztouch. This does not mean a Plugin Developer cannot do work for hire for Buzztouch app owners, or site visitors. It simply means that we are 100% against blatant solicitations by Plugin Developers in our forums, on our site, or in our community. NOTE: Plugin Developers are welcome and encouraged to use the Developer Profiles to promote their commercial offerings.
  11. Plugin Developers are not allowed to solicit app owners, site visitors, or plugin purchasers for donations. Recieving donations is OK. Soliciting for donations is not.
  12. App owners receive newly released versions of any plugin they previously purchased at no charge. This means Plugin Developers may choose to offer a totally new plugin for sale (that may be largely based on a previous offering) in order to "sell an upgrade" to app owners that previously purchased some of their work. This is not prohibited but Plugin Developers can expect an additional level of plugin approval scrutiny from Buzztouch staff if this becomes a pattern or problematic.
  13. Plugin Developers must embrace the idea that their plugin will be subject to reviews and rating by app owners that have installed their plugin. Ratings may be negative or positive. Plugin Developers will be given the opportunity to respond to negative or positive reviews using the Buzztouch control panel.
  14. Plugin Developers must provide an actual developer name (a company name is OK) or an actual Buzztouch screen name in the plugin's config.txt file. This is the "authorName" name field. No contact information is required but an actual name, company name, or Buzztouch screen name is.
  15. Plugin Developers cannot include HTML in the plugin package's config.txt or readme.txt files. These are plain text files and they are not meant for hyperlinks, special text formatting, or any other non-textual data. Exception: The config.txt file may contain HTML markup in the "defaultJSONData" field as necessary for plugin operation.
  16. Although Buzztouch works hard to maintain a customer relationship with all app owners and all Plugin Market customers, no app owner or plugin purchaser contact information or other personally identifiable information is provided to Plugin Developers about app owners or plugin purchasers.
  17. A high volume of negative reviews for a plugin, or any (high or low) volume of consistent negative reviews will alert the Buzztouch staff to re-visit the plugins original approval status.
  18. The staff at Buzztouch may, at their sole discretion remove any plugin from the Plugin Market, created by any Plugin Developer, for any reason, at anytime.
  19. The staff at Buzztouch may, at their sole discretion, offer a refund to any app owner that purchased any plugin created by any developer at anytime. Plugin Developer commissions will not be paid on refunded sales transactions. However, if a Plugin Developer has previously been paid a commission for a plugin sale, and Buzztouch staff offers a refund to an app owner for the plugin purchase, the Plugin Developer will not be charged.
  20. Plugin Developers will not have "negative" commission balances. This means that if a Plugin Developer sells a plugin in July, and is paid a commission in August, and Buzztouch staff refunds the app owner in September, the Plugin Developer will not "owe" Buzztouch any fees or revenue.
  21. Plugin Developer commissions cannot be used to pay for other Buzztouch services directly. This means that if a Plugin Developer's Buzztouch account requires a monthly service fee (paid to Buzztouch by the Plugin Developer), the Plugin Developer's commission earnings cannot be used to reduce their outstanding balance with Buzztouch.
  22. Plugin Developers are expected to read, understand, and agree to the Buzztouch Plugin Developer Terms of Use (this document) prior to submitting any plugins for approval.
  23. The staff at Buzztouch may organize plugins in the Plugin Market in a number of ways. Organization strategies may include "Top Rated", "Most Reviews", "Categories", "New Releases" and other predictable methods designed to help app owners discover useful plugins. Plugin Developers have zero control over the method or approach Buzztouch uses to market plugins in the Plugin Market.
  24. Plugin packages cannot contain unauthorized, malicious, copyrighted material used in violation of the law or any code or files we consider to be "dangerous" "risky" or "illegal."
  25. If a plugin has a dependency on a third party SDK (not created by the Plugin Developer), or software package, app owners must be made aware of this in simple terms. Third party SDK's and other compiled binaries cannot be included in the plugin package itself. In most cases this means the app owner must understand "how to use the required SDK."
  26. Plugin packages cannot contain arbitrary materials, source code files, media, marketing materials, or other assets that are not essential to the plugins operation. This means that if a plugin does not NEED a file, the plugin package cannot contain it.
  27. Compiled source code, oftentimes referred to as "binaries", cannot be included in a plugin package. All plugin files, with the exception of standard media (audio, video, etc) must be unencrypted human readable plain text.